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Keeping Your Yard Looking Its Best

Olson's Irrigation & Landscaping offers year-round service to ensure the best quality product.
Contact us to discuss what service we can provide for your needs.

When Choosing a Contractor

• Talk to local references
• Check for a valid license/certification (if required in your state)
• Be sure the contractor will obtain any required permits
• Be sure a contractor inspects your property prior to submitting a bid
• Ask for proof of liability insurance
• Beware of low bidders that take costly shortcuts
• Insist that the installation be completed in a timely manner
• Be sure contractor will install the backflow preventer required by codes
Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems
Each system has a rain sensor, so you don't waste water. We pride ourselves on our water management skills with an eye toward benefiting the ecology. Every sprinkler system installed has a 3-year parts and labor warranty and is animal and human potable so any living creature can drink the water.

Irrigation System Design
We design your Irrigation System to efficiently and effectively water each part of your yard. From corners to walkways and garden areas, we design your lawn sprinkler system to provide just enough water to keep your lawn a bright and healthy green.
Spring Startups (Beginning in April)
A"start-up" in the spring is the best way to ensure that your system is ready for the new season. Adjustments to heads and timers will benefit you and the environment

Outdoor Lighting
Not only will outdoor lighting provide safety and security but also improve the curb appeal of your home. For added sight in the dark winter months or entertaining guesting on summer nights, lighting will add enjoyment to any home.
Quality Landscaping
 Do you need to clean up the look of your yard or create your dream yard or patio?

We offer full landscaping services and ideas on how to make your yard impress yourself and your neighbors!
Trenching Expertise
Trenching is a quick and clean service that makes it easy to bury any outdoor wiring or conduit. Our trenching service is great for running wiring for outdoor lighting or other electrical devices.
Irrigation System Repairs
Keep your sprinkler system running smoothly throughout the season by requesting our fast and reliable repairs. Whether for leaky valves or broken heads, we can get your system back up in no time at all regardless of the warranty expiration.

Sprinkler System Winterization (Starts in October)
Winterization, or "blow-out," is to ensure your system is ready for Minnesota's cold winters. We turn your water off and force all remaining water out to prevent damage to your system. Your first winterization is free when we install your system.

We warranty any irrigation system, including underground pipes, after the fall blowout is completed with Olson's Irrigation & Landscaping during the month of October. Winterization is highly recommended during the month of October, due to the unpredicted weather of Minnesota.

Convenient Snow Plowing
During the winter season, we offer commercial and residential snow plowing services. We are dependable and on-time. We pride ourselves on getting there as quickly as possible after the snowfall stops, to remove the snow. Free Estimates available for commercial or residential properties.
Ensure affordable and professional service for your irrigation systems, snow plowing, andsprinkler repairs
by contacting our team today at (651) 528-6873 or toll free at (888) 667-4713.