In-Ground Pool Fill In

Delivering Comprehensive Pool Fill-In Services in Newport, MN

Olson's now offers in-ground pool fill in services. Give us a call at 651-528-6873 for a free estimate! Here, we turned an unused in-ground pool into a beautiful patio and fire pit! Go to our Gallery page to see all of the project images.

Before Pool Fill In Pool Fill In Process After Pool Fill In - Now a Patio

A swimming pool can be a beautiful addition to any backyard. However, it’s also fairly expensive to maintain and takes up a substantial portion of usable backyard space. While you might have had every intention of creating a personal paradise, sometimes a pool can be more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re ready to get rid of your pool, Olson’s Irrigation & Landscaping Inc. can help. Our experienced landscaping contractors understand the ins and outs of pool repurposing. Trust our skilled team to make way for something new with our pool fill-in services in Newport, MN.

Turn to Us to Fill Your In-Ground Pool

At first, filling in a swimming pool might seem like a relatively simple process. After draining the water and filling the basin with concrete, the job is done, right? Unfortunately, the swimming pool removal process isn’t that straightforward. When you demolish and fill-in a pool, you have to consider how to handle the pipes, tile, concrete, and other materials that are left behind. In addition, you must take into account the effect the procedure could have on the soil and whether or not you wish to build over the area where your pool once was.

For over 13 years, our versatile landscaping team has helped homeowners remove their swimming pools to make way for fire pits, flowerbeds, and a wide variety of other features. Our knowledgeable team members have successfully filled and removed a wide variety of swimming pools, so we know exactly what to expect with each project. With our highly trained pool technicians handling every aspect, you can rest assured that you’ll do away with your once-loved in-ground pool and be ready to enjoy whatever else you have in mind for your property. Reach out to us for high-quality service that turns your unwanted pool into something better.