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Services Offered

Spring Start-Up Service (Beginning in April)

A "Start-Up" in the spring is the best way to ensure your system is ready for the new season. Adjustments to heads and timers will benefit you and the environment.

  • Irrigation System Turn-On with inspection zone by zone
  • Check irrigation heads for proper operations
  • Program controller, at your request
  • Activate/Check Rain Sensor
  • Identify any damages to system, provide estimate, and schedule repair appointment

Mid-Season Check-up

  • Reprogram controller for existing weather conditions, at your request
  • Perform system walk through zone by zone to check for malfunctions
  • Detect possible leaks and evaluate zones
  • Adjust irrigation heads, as needed
  • Set rain sensor for maximum efficiency

Fall Winterization Service (Beginning in October)

Fall Winterization, or " Fall Blow-Out," is to ensure your system is ready for Minnesota's cold winters. We turn your water off and force all remaining water out to prevent damage to your system. Your first Fall Winterization aka "Fall Blow-Out"  or Spring Start-Up is FREE depending on when we install your system.

We warranty any irrigation system, including underground pipes, after the fall blowout is completed with Olson's Irrigation & Landscaping Inc. during the month of October. Winterization is highly recommended during the month of October, due to the unpredicted weather of Minnesota.

  • Turn off water supply line located in home
  • Drain water from ALL irrigation lines to prevent damages from freezing weather
  • Each zone is inspected, and blown out twice to ensure ALL water has been removed from lines
  • Drain backflow device
  • Disable controller to prevent shortage during Winter months


Keep your sprinkler system running smoothly throughout the season by requesting our fast and reliable repairs. Whether for leaky valves or broken heads, we can get your system back up running in no time at all regardless of the warranty expiration.

Our knowledgeable staff can repair and fix any irrigation system no matter the year, or model. Our goal is to have your irrigation performing as well as it possibly can.

Backflow Testing and RPZ Testing

We now offer backflow testing and RPZ testing. Contact Olson's Irrigation & Landscaping Inc., in Newport, MN,  to learn more.