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Customized Outdoor Lighting in Newport, MN

This is the year to try outdoor lighting in Newport, MN. Turn your yard into a beacon of beauty with outdoor lighting from Olson's Irrigation & Landscaping Inc. Let us add lighting to your walkways, decks, landscape, garden, and patio. After all, we’re the residential landscaping experts.

Whether you are looking for lighting to illuminate pathways, a pool, or patio, our landscape professionals can make it happen. Make your yard safe at night and under low light conditions while giving it the customized look you are seeking.

More Outdoor Space

In addition to its many safety and security benefits, outdoor lighting can significantly expand your living space while extending your time for recreation, relaxation, and entertaining outdoors! Outdoor lighting lets you enjoy the beauty of your outdoor setting during the evening hours, night after night!

What Do You want?

Take stock of your yard and determine how much of it you’d like to be able to use on those balmy summer evenings. Different moods can be influenced in certain parts of your yard with the use of soft or diffused lighting. Fish pond perimeters are excellent examples of soft lighting. Attention can be focused on other items, like fountains, with spotlights. Decorative flagstone or paver brick walkways will benefit from illumination because they may have rustic, hand-hewn portions that could benefit from lighting.

Different Lighting Types

The easiest outdoor lighting to install is solar-powered. The lack of buried cable or above-ground wiring makes solar lighting a breeze to install. Costs associated with wired-in lighting vary depending on whether the lights are high or low voltage.

String Them Along

Old fashioned string lights have stood the test of time. Small towns have strung lights across their main streets, and you can string lights across your pathways or patios. Don’t forget to make good use of your trees. Lights in trees will have a natural height advantage and glow down toward friends and family.

Enjoy Your Plants

Enjoy your decorative plants in the evening too with outdoor lighting that focuses on planter boxes, potted ferns, and more. Your guests will want to stay out all night long.

Free Lighting Demo

Get your free lighting demonstration kit with complete setup information for design and build, on a project-to-project basis. Call us at 651-528-6873 to discuss how we can help enhance your home and landscape, and add a level of security to your home.

Call us to learn more about our outdoor lighting. We look forward to serving you.

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