Water Smart Irrigation Systems Gallery

Take a critical look at your existing landscape and start watering your lawn more efficiently with our innovative irrigation systems in Newport, MN. Review our gallery of images to see how easy it can be to have a sprinkler network installed at your home. Olson's Irrigation & Landscaping Inc. is ready to deploy a team with more than a decade of experience with lawns throughout our area. We know what makes each yard unique, and we can anticipate many of the challenges that each faces. 

Make your Lawn an Asset

We have such a limited time to enjoy the lush green landscape surrounding us. Don’t waste that time with a lawn that features brown patches and overwatered areas. Develop a plan with our landscaping professionals that evenly distributes water where it's needed without overwatering places where it isn't.

Maximizing Appeal

You can enjoy a better-looking lawn without spending a fortune on water in the coming years when you design a better system in collaboration with our team. Your new sprinkler system will automatically deliver the right amount of moisture when it matters the most. With the best products and years of experience, our team is the best choice for installing a new system for irrigation. Review the gallery below to see what we can do for you.